Jet Genius, Charter Flight Group lawsuit continues, adds Jet Agency

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The lawsuit against Florida’s Jet Genius Holdings and brokerage Charter Flight Group adds RICO allegations, Jet Agency Global LLC

The lawsuit by partner Aaron “Angel” Stanz against Florida-based Jet Genius, Charter Flight Group, its principal Jordan Brown, and related companies is continuing. There are new defendants and additional allegations via the latest filing, which alleges over $125 million in misappropriated funds.

Elon Musk’s Twitter says it was overcharged for private jet charter flights. Here’s why that could be wrong

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Private Jet Services Group is getting hammered in the media for Twitter’s assertion that the ‘market rate’ was ‘substantially less’ than the private jet charter broker charged

Was Twitter overcharged for private jet charter flights booked on short notice?

Charter Flight Group partner alleges fraud, unpaid taxes in lawsuit

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Jet Genius Holdings, which sells private jet charter flights and memberships under Charter Flight Group, is the subject of a partner lawsuit alleging fraud and unpaid taxes

A partner in Jet Genius Holdings, Inc., which sells private jet charter flights and memberships under the Charter Flight Group banner, is suing the majority owner Jordan Brown.

Embezzlement, Illegal Kickbacks Allegedly Behind Private Jet Operator Zetta Jet USA’s Chapter 11 Filing

The private jet operator says it will continue normal operations


Friday night’s bankruptcy filing by Zetta Jet USA, Inc., first reported by Private Jet Card Comparisons, comes one week after a separate lawsuit filed by the founders Advanced Aircraft Management, Inc., and Anglo American Jet Charter, Inc., the two companies that became Zetta Jet USA, Inc. after their sale to Singapore-based Zetta Jet Pte. Ltd. 

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