A brief history of Airlines and Private Jet partnerships

private jets and airlines

Did you know American Airlines was behind the launch of Flexjet? Or without Pan Am, the Dassault Falcon program may never have taken flight. Did you know Pan Am also operated Teterboro Airport, currently the busiest private jet airport in the world? And yes, United Airlines once had an order for dozens of private jets.

2023’s 30 Biggest Private Jet Companies through June

Top 30 private jet companies 2023 - First Half

Top private jet operators NetJets, Flexjet, FlyExclusive, PlaneSense countered the downturn; increased flight hours in the first half of 2023, according to Argus TraqPak

It wasn’t only NetJets. Flexjet, FlyExclusive, and PlaneSense were among the biggest charter and fractional operators to counter headwinds growing flight hours in the first half of 2023.

Hard truths about your money and buying jet cards

Wheels Up VistaJet NetJets

It’s good to remember jet card programs are complicated, expensive, the details matter, and there is more than one way to lose your money

Recently the CEO of a provider that was not NetJets told me about losing a customer to the market leader. The prospect viewed the subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway as less risky financially, even if it was quite a bit more expensive than his offering.

Volato reveals financials, business insights in SEC filing


As it prepares for its SPAC merger, start-up Volato has filed financials and business details with the Securities and Exchange Commission

Volato, which launched in 2021 and recently announced a SPAC IPO, revealed details of its business via an S-4 filing with the SEC late Friday.

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