NetJets opens up 25-hour leases to new customers

NetJets Fleet

After limiting 25-hour leases to a waitlist of existing customers, NetJets is now expanding its entry-level product to new clients

Goodbye waitlist. NetJets is opening up its entry-level 25-hour leases to new customers.

Private jets benefiting from European airline and airport chaos

airport delays

Private jet brokers and operators say airline and airport chaos in Europe is increasing demand as they struggle with similar issues

Disruptions from strikes to labor shortages, cancelations, and delays are driving private jet demand in Europe.

Airline delays, charter operators buoy used private jet market

private jet charter

Even as the pre-owned private jet market slows, executives expect a strong market through the end of the year

The number of preowned private jet transactions completed in the second quarter of 2022 dipped from 316 to 310.

NetJets adds 45 private jets; updates sustainability


Since November 2021, NetJets has added 45 new private jets, including 16 Citation Latitudes and 8 Longitudes

As promised, NetJets continues to add to its fleet in significant numbers. An analysis by Private Jet Card Comparisons of data published by the world’s largest private jet operator shows it added 45 new private jets since November 2021.

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