NetJets reduces blackouts from 45 to 10 days on 25-hour leases

NetJets private jet

As demand for private jet flying declines, NetJets is rolling back the blackout dates it originally imposed in June 2021

NetJets is reducing the number of blackout dates on its 25-hour lease program as demand for private jet flying continues on a downward slope. Argus TraqPak predicts a 3.3% decline in 2023 U.S. fractional flight hours.

Velocity Jets, the first company to stop jet cards, is selling again

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There is no doubt that boutique jet card broker Velocity Jets was the canary in the coal mine when it stopped selling jet cards in July 2021

Back in July 2021, Florida-based Velocity Jets was the first jet card provider to halt sales to new customers.

NetJets’ flight dispatchers union ‘demands’ better contract


The Teamsters union representing NetJets flight dispatchers has joined the operator’s pilots union in issuing critical press releases

In a harshly worded press release, the union representing flight dispatchers at NetJets is calling for improved pay and working conditions and an end to forced overtime.

These 9 Jet Card providers offer a 24-hour call-out

FlyExclusive jet card

If you need to fly on short notice, these Jet Card providers offer next-day callouts at fixed rates with guaranteed availability

Private jet flyers who were used to booking with as little as six-to-12 hours’ notice have had to adjust their scheduling over the past two years. It has led some to move to fractional ownership.

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