Have private jets gone to the dogs?

pets on private jets

You might be unhappy about delays with your private jet flights. However, your pets should be thrilled, according to the latest report from Veterinarians.org

Over three-quarters, 77% of subscribers to Private Jet Card Comparisons who use our JET CARD DECIDER service say they bring pets, on at least some of their private flights, according to The Jet Card Report 2021.

A private jet for your pets? Over 250 pets have died on airlines since 2010

two short coated gray and brown puppies lying on white textile

According to Honest Paws, you may want to consider a private jet for your pet. Over 250 pets died flying on the airlines over the past decade

Honest Paws, a website that sells CBD oils and treats for dogs, cats, and horses, issued its list of “The 5-Worst Pet-Friendly Airlines.”

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