The Fleet Clubs plans by-the-seat flights from Miami to Vail, Long Island

Fleet Clubs

Start-up The Fleet Clubs hopes to repeat the success of similar by-the-seat membership programs using VIP Airliner private jets between the West Coast and Hawaii

He liked it so much he decided to copy it.

Comparing Private Jet flight costs in minutes

privacy policy

Jet Cards make flying easy. Private Jet Card Comparisons‘ exclusive Quick Compare Flight Pricing tool makes it easy to analyze over 250 programs and 1000s of pricing options from more than 50 membership providers

Ad hoc charters can be a pain. Every trip calling a couple of brokers to get quotes, and then comparing the terms, including cancelation policies. And of course, it’s always, plus, plus, plus. And then what happens if there is the operator cancels because of a mechanical or sick pilot? Last-minute re-quotes can be expensive.

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