Not fractional ownership, Partners in Aviation looks to grow private jet co-ownership

Partners in Aviation

Using a contractual model similar to fractional ownership, Partners in Aviation wants to be the of private jets

Seeking to bridge the gap between full ownership and fractional shares and jet cards, Partner’s in Aviation moves into its fourth year in the market seeking to be the of private jet owners. Most of all, its principal Mark Molloy, a former Beechcraft executive, says the PIA formula is structured to avoid the pitfalls of those multi-owner partnerships that often don’t end well.

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While New York, Florida and California are hotbeds for private jet travel, you may be surprised at some of the places you will find private jets.

Four Reasons Not To Hate On Private Jet Users

I feel badly for the many good folks I know in the private jet industry, business aviation or general aviation, whichever label you want to put on it.

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