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Private Jet Card Comparisons provides everything you need to know before you buy a jet card card or private aviation membership.

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Private Jet Card Comparisons highlights services for corporate travel managers and luxury travel advisors

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Users get comparisons of jet card providers, flight pricing, charter brokers and aircraft performance

For corporate travel managers and luxury travel advisors, sourcing the best private aviation solutions can often be a challenge. To assist the trade, independent buyer’s guide Private Jet Card Comparisons now offers a suite of reference information. The service is designed to help advisors and corporate managers find the best solutions for their customers and employees.

Private Jet Performance Guide

Private Jet Performance Guide

Over 150 private jets compared by range, baggage capacity, speed and cabin size

How far can your favorite private jet fly, with a full load or just with four people?

What’s baggage capacity, including internal via external storage?

How fast can it fly?

What’s its maximum speed versus typical cruising speed?

How big is the cabin?

What’s the cabin height?

What’s the cabin width?

When buying a jet card or purchasing a fractional share, ensuring the aircraft being offered by the providers you are considering meet your needs is critical. The same goes for on-demand charter. Choosing the wrong aircraft can mean longer flight times because of fuel stops, not bringing the luggage you want or less than optimal comfort due to cabin size. Subscribers of Private Jet Card Comparisons have access to all data on an easy to use Excel spreadsheet to make comparing even easier.

The following links provide data for over 150 private aircraft types divided by light, midsize (including super-midsize), and large-cabin jets. With each link, you will find information for aircraft in that category sorted by its performance characteristics.

Private Jet Range

Baggage Capacity

Fastest and Slowest Private Jets

Cabin Size Compared

Of course, you can compare over 250 private jet card programs by more than 65 variables, including types of aircraft offered, by subscribing to Private Jet Card Comparisons.

Compare over 250 jet card programs, and also get full access to our comparison of over 150 private jets by range, cabin size, baggage capacity, and speed when you subscribe to Private Jet Card Comparisons.

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