Solairus says its app is bringing new charter customers

Solairus Aviation

The 9th largest for-hire private aviation company in the U.S., Solairus Aviation, says its app is boosting its significant off-fleet charter business

If you don’t hear a lot about Solairus Aviation, it’s not an accident. The company doesn’t do sponsorships. It doesn’t host parties at Art Basel or the Super Bowl. It doesn’t even have a public relations company. In other words, you may not be aware it’s one of only three major private aviation providers to have an app that allows instant on-demand, online bookings with guaranteed pricing.

Breaking News: Solairus Aviation overhauls its Altitude jet card program

The management company is one of the few with top safety ratings from IS-BAO, Argus, and Wyvern

It looks like Solairus Aviation is getting serious about selling jet cards. The Petaluma, California-based management company is keeping the name of its former jet card program – Altitude 25 by Solairus, but it has made a number of improvements and looks to have created a best-in-class program for those of you who charter super midsize and large-cabin private jets for shorter flights.

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