Delta, Wheels Up launch joint TV advertising

Delta and Wheels Up

Wheels Up and Delta Air Lines are upping their joint marketing via ESPN College GameDay, Monday Night Football, and SEC on CBS

Delta Air Lines and Wheels Up are partnering on at least three television sponsorships as the latest move showing how the Atlanta-based airline plans to boost the private jet company.

OneFlight BAJit partners with SALT thought leadership conferences

photo of people gathering in room

Jet card and on-demand charter broker OneFlight International is partnering with conference organizer SALT

Denver-based on-demand charter and jet card broker OneFlight International is partnering with SALT as the conference organizer’s private aviation partner.

Wheels Up’s Sunday with Tiger, Phil, Tom, and Peyton reaches 6.3 million viewers, raises $20 million

Wheels Up The Match golf tournament

Capital One’s The Match sponsor Wheels Up wheeled out ambassadors Russell Wilson, Alex Rodriguez, and J.J. Watt while the pairing of legendary golfers and quarterbacks entertained a sports-craving nation

Two months ago the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic claimed live sports on television and virtually everywhere else. Yesterday, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson renewed their rivalry alongside NFL star quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

This afternoon, Turner Sports, which broadcast the event, said the charity golf tournament drew an average of 5.8 million people across its networks. Peak viewership for Capital One’s “The Match” was 6.3 million viewers.

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