Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 10

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European private jet flight activity increases 5% to 9,875 week-to-week despite a global 3% dip

While global private jet flight activity was lower for the second week in a row, down 3% from Week 9, European private jet flights saw 5% week-to-week growth.

Private Jet flights rebound over 40% from April lows

August 2020 private jet trends

WingX’s weekly Global Market Tracker is showing the glass may indeed be half full for business aviation

Private aviation, just 15% of the global flights at the start of March, now represents 33% of all departures

Pop the champagne! Global business aviation activity was down by 68% for the period April 1st through May 5th, according to WingX’s closely watched weekly Global Market Tracker survey.

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