The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) publishes some key questions you will want to ask when buying a jet card via a broker or provider that will be sourcing third-party planes to fulfill your travel needs.  

Key questions include:

Who is the FAA-certificated charter operator that will

conduct our charter flights?

What experience does the operator have?

How long has the operator been in business in aviation and as an air charter operator?

What type of aircraft is on the charter certificate?

What year(s) were the aircraft manufactured?

What, if any, major refurbishments (interior, flight equipment, paint, etc.) were completed on the aircraft, and when?

How many aircraft and crew does the charter operator have?

Has the FAA ever taken enforcement action against the operator or one of its flight crew members?

What experience does the crew have? How many flight hours total time? How many hours in make/model of each aircraft?

If special operations (e.g., mountain airports, extended over water) will be conducted, what experience (initial and recurrent) does the crew have with these operations?

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