Size Matters: Definitions Of Large Cabin, Mid-Size Cabin, And Small Cabin Private Jets

What’s the difference between a large cabin jet, mid-size jet and small cabin jet?

By Doug Gollan, April 11, 2017


You often hear about Large Cabin, Mid-Size Cabin and Small Cabin used to refer to the size of private jets. But is there a specific standard for what jets fit into which category? 


According to ARGUS:


Large Cabin Jets:


Large Jets, Ultra-Long Range and Heavy Jets are jet aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of over 41,000 lbs.


Mid-Size Cabin Jets:


Mid-size Jets and Super Midsize Jets are Jet aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of over 20,000 to 41,000 lbs.


Small Cabin Jets:


Small Cabin Jets include Very Light Jets and Light et aircraft with a

maximum takeoff weight of less than 20,000 lbs.

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