While several airlines (Lufthansa, Korean Air, Qatar Airways, Delta Air Lines and Emirates) have their own private jet arms or partnerships with private jet operators offering transfers at primary hubs, Japan Airlines has signed a deal to provide transfers on-demand charter connections between commercial flights and private jets in Paris starting May 1  
The airline said it has entered into a partnership with Dassault Falcon giving passengers access to a nine Dassault private jets, including two Falcon 7X long-range planes. Passengers arriving or departing Japan Airlines at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport will be taking to our from Dassault’s base at nearby Le Bourget Airport where they can transfer to a private jet to complete their journey. The service is expected to be popular for travelers going to resort and tourism destinations in France, Italy and the Mediterranean. It will also enable travelers to connect easily to important business destinations across Africa.

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