Taking a private jet to Coachella has become popular with private aviation companies reporting growth in flights from 50-100 percent. However, getting there isn’t the only thing that will cost you money. 


According to a report by the Phoenix New Times, tickets are $399 each, so for your group of 10, add $4,000 to your American Express Centurion bill. Of course with top acts rumored to be getting over $3 million to appear at Coachella, the economics of the entire ecosystem are making a move to a higher priced neighborhood.


That’s why if spending $4,000 for those regular tickets seemed a bit of a downer, for $9,000 you can get VIP passes, including luxury lavatories. You will also be able to buy food, as in trendy and expensive food. The newspaper reporters dried apricots at $4.52 are out, and in fact not sold onsite, however, there are dried goji berries at $18.90 for the same size pack.


Other opportunities to whip out your black card include a 24-pack of imported Berg water for $160.99. The story behind the water is it “harvested from 15,000-year-old North Atlantic icebergs.” Hopefully, they filtered the rocks out.

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