NetJets Shows How Much Time You Can Save Flying Privately

Netjet shows how much time you can save by flying privately.

By Doug Gollan, May 1, 2017

Flying by private jet won’t necessarily add years to your life, however, it will add years to your enjoyment if you calculate the hours. 

NetJets looks at flights for traveling privately, including 12 minutes of taxi time. The fractional share and jet card seller recommends arriving at the FBO 15 minutes prior to departure and that is included in the flight time estimates provided.

For commercial flights, NetJets calculated arriving at the airport 90 minutes prior to departure, which is recommended when checking baggage, and then used average flight times from Travelocity from key points of origin.  For international private trips, arrival time for international trips on private jets is recommended at that is included.

So how much time can you save?

From New York to Aspen, flying commercially averages 11 hours and 34 minutes versus 5 hours 6 minutes on a private jet. You also save a change of planes. From Dallas/Ft. Worth to Reno the difference was 3 hours 42 minutes against 5 hours 35 minutes flying commercially when you include time at the airport. In other words, even on this relatively short fly, flying commercially takes 47% more time.



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