Private Jet Owners Donate 15,000 Flights Annually For Humanitarian Relief

Private jet owners donate over 15,000 flights per year for humanitarian efforts.

By Doug Gollan, May 5, 2017

Despite often being criticized by the mainstream business and being a target of government officials private aviation comes through int times of crisis. Groups such as Angel Flight, Air Care Alliance, and Corporate Aircraft Responding in Emergencies, corporate flight departments, operators, and pilots regularly provide life-saving services to people in hard-to-reach communities around the globe. 

Typical missions include: Disaster relief – shipping food, medicine and clothing to people in need; life-flight service – transporting terminally-ill patients for life-saving medical procedures; emergency organ, blood and serum transfers, and volunteer transportation for U.S. Military Soldiers, Red Cross and National Guard units

Business aviation often lends a hand in times of crisis .#bizav
Business aviation pilots use their flying skills for the greater good #bizav

Volunteer pilots fly over 118,000 hours a year on charitable and medical missions. The relief missions include shipping food, medicine, and clothing, transporting patients for life-saving medical procedures, emergency organ, blood and serum transfers, and volunteer transportation for the Red Cross and National Guard units.

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