Private Aviation Activity Jumps 5.3% In April

Private Aviation Activity Jumps 5.3% In April.

By Doug Gollan, May 10, 2017

Argus TRAQPak announced that Part 135 and Part 91 private aviation flying increased by 5.3% in April compared to 2016. 


According to a press release, results by operational category were all positive with Part 135 activity jumping 11.3%, Fractional activity was up 8.5% and Part 91 activity increased by half a point. The aircraft categories were positive as well with large and mid-size jets posting the largest gains, up 8.8% & 7.7% respectively. Light jets and turboprops (led by the fractional single engine market) saw increases of 2.9% & 3.3%.


April business aviation flight activity posted a month over month decrease from March to finish down 4.1% which is the typical trend, said TRAQPak.

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