James Comey And The Government's Fleet Of Private Jets

James Comey And The Government’s Fleet Of Private Jets.

By Doug Gollan, May 12, 2017

Perhaps you remember our elected leaders scolding CEOs of private companies for flying in private jets. Certainly, the optics weren’t very good. Three auto company bosses coming to Washington D.C. looking for government money. That said, the country’s largest fleet of private jets isn’t operated by a big corporation or even NetJets, which sells fractional shares in private jets. 

The biggest operator of private aircraft in the United States is the Federal Government of the United States.

According to a breaking report in The Drive, the Feds fleet includes 924 aircraft divided among 11 government agencies. Additionally, the government apparently needs even more lift, and regularly charters planes. If you want to know why the fleet is as big as it is (Hint: War on Terrorism), who is flying on these planes, and why some private jets were acquired versus their current missions, you can read the full story here. After you’re done, you likely won’t feel any guilt about flying privately if you ever did.



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