Private Jet Card Comparisons Launches Facebook Page For Followers

To provide readers who want to stay updated with the latest news and program changes from providers of jet cards and prepaid private jet charter, Private Jet Card Comparisons has launched a Facebook page. By liking the page you can follow our updates, including our coverage of private jet tours and on-demand charter, as well as popular programs such as JetSmarter.

Aman Resorts Launches Asia Private Jet Wellness Tour With Yamuna Zake

While Crystal AirCruises is going big launching private jet tours using a Boeing 777-200LR this Fall, Aman Resorts is taking a different approach with an Asian itinerary using two Embraer 650 jets, each limited to eight passengers. The trip is focused on wellness.

PrivateFly Says 63% Of Customers Book Within One Week Of Their Private Jet Flight

Online charter broker and jet card seller PrivateFly says customers are spending more and booking closer to their travel date in 2017 than during the same period last year. 

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