Aman Resorts Launches Asia Private Jet Wellness Tour With Yamuna Zake

Aman is offering a private jet tour focused on wellness visiting Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

By Doug Gollan, May 20, 2017

While Crystal AirCruises is going big launching private jet tours using a Boeing 777-200LR this Fall, Aman Resorts is taking a different approach with an Asian itinerary using two Embraer 650 jets, each limited to eight passengers. The trip is focused on wellness.

The trip begins September 18 in Bali with a stay at Amandari featuring Valley Suite accommodations. The itinerary wraps up October at Amanoi in Vietnam.

Accompanying the group will be Manhattan-based Yamuna Zake founder of the Yamuna Body Rolling method, a movement practice using specially designed balls to work the joints and muscles, promoting health and wellness at any age. She will provide participants immersion, with intensive daily sessions at each Aman property, along with in-flight sessions. Guests will be provided with their own Yamuna Kit of essential apparatus, which includes

Guests will be provided with their own Yamuna Kit of essential apparatus, which includes different-sized balls for Body Rolling. During the retreat, participants will learn the keystones of Yamuna’s method – breathing, footwork, and yoga- and Pilates-based movement, all incorporating her Body Rolling technique.

Guests will also stay at Amankila in Bali, Amanjiwo in Java, and Amanpulo in the Philippines.

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