Flexjet still planning new private jet fleet order

While Flexjet, the second-largest fractional private jet operator won’t be making an announcement during NBAA, it is still on the way.

By Doug Gollan, October 17, 2023

Flexjet will not be making an announcement for a new fleet order this week during the National Business Aviation Association’s conference in Las Vegas.

Speaking during the opening of Flexjet’s new headquarters and operations center in September, Chairman Kenn Ricci had told Private Jet Card Comparisons, “We will have an order in the Fall at NBAA, and it really results from the fact that we fulfilled both our Embraer and our Bombardier orders. We’ve taken all the aircraft under those orders. We’ll be doing something notable.”

Asked about the order’s status, a spokesperson says, “We remain in negotiations on a Flexjet aircraft order. And while details were not finished in time for an NBAA announcement, something will be forthcoming soon.”

The conference, which started yesterday, has not seen significant announcements.

Yesterday, Textron Aviation said FlyExclusive is the launch fleet customer for its Citation CJ3 Gen2 light jets.

However, that is part of a 2022 announcement for up to 30 of the CJ3 types the Kinston, North Carolina-based operator made.

HondaJet operator Volato said yesterday it had signed a letter of intent for the OEM’s new long-range light jet named the Echelon.

It is not expected to enter service until 2028.

In September, NetJets said it would order up to 1,500 private jets from Textron Aviation.

In May, the world’s largest private jet operator said it would buy up to 500 Praetor 500 midsize jets from Embraer.


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