Private Jet Pilot Convicted Of Attempting To Pilot Charter Flight Under The Influence

According to the Associated Press, 35-year-old Sean Michael Fitzgerald was convicted of being intoxicated before he was set to pilot a private jet charter flight in 2016. He is due to be sentenced Sept. 19. 

Phoenix Deer Valley, Denver Centennial Busiest Private Aviation Airports In 2016

Unless you fly by private jet, chances are you wouldn’t know which airports are the busiest when it comes to private aviation. That’s because nine out of the 10 busiest airports when it comes to general aviation don’t have commercial airline flights.

Common Mistakes People Make When Buying A Jet Card

Many savvy private aviation users assume all jet cards are pretty much the same. I can tell you they are not, and while there are many good choices, the right choice depends on your needs. 

How A Jet Card Makes Memorial Day Weekend Better

Delays at airports, connecting flights, and international immigration and customs make it time-consuming to travel internationally for holiday weekends such as Memorial Day. However, Flexjet says access to a private jet takes down those barriers. 

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