JetClass Plans Further Expansion After Adding Seven Private Jet Shuttle Routes In September

JetClass, JetSmarter, Surf Air and soon, possibly Wheels Up, are trying to bridge the gap between commercial airlines and full private jet charter in Europe


Another private jet like shuttle service says it is making inroads in European’s aviation market. JetClass, which is a “non-subscription” service has been offering travelers the opportunities to buy single seats on shared private jets for as little as EUR 290 since the beginning of the summer. JetClass comes from Wagas Ali and Vladislav Zenov who founded online private jet broker CharterScanner

What is IS-BAO And How Is It Related To Private Jet Safety?

IS-BAO promotes “high quality operating practices” for private aviation. Below is the list of over 700 IS-BAO registered business aircraft operators updated October 2017


International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) is designed to promote use of high quality operating practices for international business aircraft operations by establishing a framework for effective safety and operational processes, providing tools to perform gap analyses to facilitate the implementation of best practices and delivering a Safety Management System appropriate to the profile of the particular private aviation operator. 

Sentient Jet’s Andrew Collins On Why Jet Cards Make Sense

10 top reasons to buy a private jet card membership


Shortly before Hurricane Irma hit, jet card members were able to exit impacted areas at the same time charter brokers were having problems finding aircraft and charging prices sometimes triple or more the typical rate. A comparison of jet card providers against on-demand brokers before the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight further showcased that if you want guaranteed availability and don’t like surge pricing, jet cards are a great private aviation solution. What’s more, unlike jet-sharing private shuttles and empty legs, jet card members don’t have to share the airplane with strangers and are able to set their own schedule. 

Surf Air Europe Offers Free Flights To Top Tier Frequent Fliers In Europe

private jet membership comes to Europe

The “all you can fly” private aviation operator is offering a combined U.S. – Europe membership.


Surf Air’s European operation, which launched earlier this summer with flights from London’s Luton Airport to Ibiza, Cannes and now Zurich, is offering free flights to top-tier frequent fliers in the programs of other European airlines. 

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