Private Jet Card Comparisons Helps You Find The Best Jet Card Program

jet card comparisons

Finding the right jet card for you is more than just comparing hourly rates


Jet cards provide the closest private jet experience to owning a private jet directly or via fractional ownership, however, you don’t need to make the same long-term commitment. So it’s not surprising, the number of companies selling jet cards has more than doubled in the past decade. 

Executive Airshare Launches New Customer App For iPhones

Executive Airshare’s EMBARK jet card program is denominated by days instead of the typical hours


Fractional share and jet card provider Executive AirShare has released an updated app available on the App Store for iOS devices allowing customers of the nation’s third-largest fractional aircraft provider a convenient way to communicate with their pilots and crew prior to each flight. Additionally, shareowners can quickly locate past and future trip itineraries, and view arrival and departure information. The company’s jet card program is branded EMBARK and is based on days and hours instead of the traditional hours metric

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