Private Jet Card Comparisons Helps You Find The Best Jet Card Program

Who sells private jet membership card programs and which one is best?

By Doug Gollan, October 30, 2017

Finding the right jet card for you is more than just comparing hourly rates


Jet cards provide the closest private jet experience to owning a private jet directly or via fractional ownership, however, you don’t need to make the same long-term commitment. So it’s not surprising, the number of companies selling jet cards has more than doubled in the past decade. 


Jet cards provide high convenience comparing to having to charter and get quotes for each trip. Many programs also have benefits such as guaranteed availability and guaranteed hourly rates. Programs each have their own safety standards and most providers keep profiles of customers so all of your preferences are taken care of for each trip. They also have recovery guarantees when something goes wrong.


Of course there are many places jet cards vary, from hourly rate, to extra charges such as CPI escalators, fuel surcharges, what catering is included, taxi time, daily minimums, peak day surcharges, the number of peak days, service areas, policies on pets and unaccompanied minors, ownership and escrow options, lead time for reservations and cancellations and more. In fact, Private Jet Card Comparisons has identified 65 variables between programs and analyzed over 100 programs from more than 25 providers.


Private Jet Card Comparisons covers all major programs, savings tens of hours of time you would need to spend contacting various providers, requesting their brochures and then making up your own comparisons. What’s more Private Jet Card Comparisons helps you focus on the providers that best meet your needs and help prevent you from making costly mistakes during the selection process?


36 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A Jet Card


Barron’s wrote, “For advice on the best deals, Barron’s Penta turned to Doug Gollan, founder of Private Jet Card Comparisons, a modern-day online Kelley Blue Book for private jet cards that compares over 100 programs by 60-plus characteristics.” Business Traveller noted, “Journalist and jet expert Doug Gollan says doing your research is essential, which is why he founded, a site designed to help you work out what suits you best.”


For a subscription fee of $250, users get the 2017 Edition and 2018 Edition (released later this year). Easy-to-use spreadsheets containing all of the data can be downloaded so subscribers can create their own comparisons of the programs that best fit their needs. Subscribers also get contact information for each program as well as monthly and breaking news updates to keep them abreast of jet card promotions and special offers.


Who sells private jet membership cards?


Air Partner, Inc.

Airstream Jets Inc.

Clay Lacy Aviation

Concord Private Jet

Delta Private Jets, Inc.



Jet Aviation Flight Services, Inc.

Jet Linx Aviation

JetSet Group


Magellan Jets

NetJets / Marquis Jet

Nicholas Air

Paramount Business Jets

Private Jet Service Group (PJS Group)


Prive Jets

Sentient Jet

Silverhawk Aviation

Solairus Aviation

Star Jets International LLC

StraightLine Private Air


Wheels Up

Wholesale Jet Club


All of the above companies are included in Private Jet Card Comparisons comparison charts for subscribers.

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