Concord Private Jet was launched in 2007 as a family business founded by Neal Impellizzeri, his wife of 26 years Michelle, and his son AJ. With over 25 years servicing high net worth clients at Smith Barney and Lehman Brothers, the CEO still says it is all about old-fashioned service. “My family has been in the television and appliance business, going back over 50 years, and I learned at a very young age that the customer is  Number 1, and customer service is first and foremost.”

Concord Private Jet Elevator Pitch

For Elevator Pitch we asked jet card sellers to tell you in less than 300 words why you should choose their company. 

By Neil Impellizzeri

First and foremost, Concord prides itself on its personal service. As the Founder and President, I personally oversee every trip. Ensuring that each trip is on time, the catering is ordered and in place, and that any transportation is waiting at the destination.


The biggest challenge in the industry is being able to secure a replacement aircraft; which may be necessary for a variety of reasons, such as a mechanical issue. As mentioned above, I personally track each tail throughout the day to make sure it is en route for a client’s trip. If I see there is any issue, I am on top of it with the operator, and always have a backup Jet within 1.5 hours of recovery time. 


The second thing that sets Concord apart is that we truly are an “all inclusive” Jet Card. We have not charged a fuel surcharge in 10 years and also give our clients complimentary upgraded catering on every trip they do. At the end of each month, the only thing that they are charged is the actual hours flown. Another unique aspect of our Jet Card is that we give clients multiple options, like Pilatus, King Air, and VLJ’s for shorter trips, to make the most out of the hours they have.


Thirdly, Concord offers multiple card options, such as a 10 Hour Jet Card. This option gives clients the ability to try our service with a very small commitment and allows them to feel comfortable moving forward. 


Additional, unique benefits of Concord’s Jet Card Program include, but are not limited to: (i) A two-year rate lock; (ii) remaining, unused hours may be forwarded into a new Jet Card; (iii) Operators that are Platinum Argus rated; (iv) use of the Jet Card for international trips; and (v) references of clients that Concord has flown for years (something other companies may not offer).


As far as black out dates (there are none) and ‘peak period” charges, I often ask clients to give me notice on “peak period” trips, which for the majority of trips, I have not had to charge any “peak period” premiums.


When clients want a round trip, we often use local operators and give charter rates, and allow clients to use their Jet Cards for payment. We use corporate owned fleets, that have many jets, and book when the client books. At  Concord we never use empty legs to fulfill trips, because this is where the most likely chance of issues arise.


The last thing and most important thing that separates Concord is the price. Our business has grown the last 10 years primarily through client referrals. This keeps our client acquisition costs very low, and allows us to charge low rates. Concord keeps advertising to a minimum, and we avoid spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on internet advertising so we can pass those savings onto our clients.


Concord only employs staff that works on client acquisition, and are paid a percentage of the profit on a 1099 as Independent Contractors and no salaries are paid.


These advantages allow us to charge just $4,300 per hour point to point on the Light Jet fleet, $5,400 per hour on the Mid Jet fleet, and $7,950.00 on the Super-Mid fleet.


In conclusion, you can see there are several aspects of what we do versuss others that make Concord “the only way to fly”!!!


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