The private aviation subsidiary of Delta Air Lines is offering two tickets to the big game in Minneapolis for folks who buy $250,000 jet cards


Much of Delta Private Jets’ (DPJ) recent focus seemed to be around letting everyone know there was a strong connection with the mother ship, Delta Air Lines. While DPJ customers have long earned Medallion frequent flier status, a new feature allows members to use SkyMiles to buy jet cards. Since you can transfer American Express Membership Rewards points to SkyMiles, for people who run up millions of dollars in annual spending, it was a very interesting way to use what might sometimes seem like an insurmountable pile of points. 


DPJ has begun offering Porsche transfers to and from the FBO to members who were connecting with Delta Air Lines flights. Then, right before the holidays, DFJ offered two certificates good for roundtrip DeltaOne business class tickets to Europe from the U.S. Threshold was buying a jet card with a value of at least $250,000.


The offer reads: “Fund your new jet card at $250,000 or greater by January 28, 2018 and receive two tickets to the Super Bowl.” According to the terms, ticket location is not guaranteed and they need to be used by the purchaser and guest, so you can’t give them away.


Delta Private Jet card programs range from $100,000 to $1 million and are in four categories: Light Jet, Midsize Jet, Super-Mid and Large Jet. Hourly rates start at $5,250 including 7.5% FET. DPJ uses a fleet of aircraft in manages for owners to provide time for its jet cards. All aircraft have WiFi and DPJ is an IS-BAO operator, the highest level. It is also ARGUS Platinum and Wyvern Wingman. Availability is guaranteed at your contract rate with 10 hours notice, or 120 hours on just 10 Peak Days, one of the fewest of any program and a strong selling point if you travel around holidays or peak demand periods such as Easter, The Masters, school holidays and yes, the Super Bowl.

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