NetJets fractional owners and jet card customers won’t have to jam in with other private jet users when arriving and departing Minneapolis for the Big Game


With a cold weather location for Super Bowl LII, private jet traffic is likely to have shorter but much busier pre-and post-game peaks. Even during warm weather versions of the Big Game, FBOs are normally crowded with over 1,000 private jets and as many as 10,000 guests transiting through the private jet terminals. To make sure its customers have an exclusive experience, NetJets, which is expecting some 250 flights for the event, announced they are taking over an FBO for the use of their fractional owners and jet card customers only. 


The temporary exclusive-use, full-service FBO at Holman Field is located about 12 miles from U.S. Bank Stadium where the New England Patriots will play the Philadelphia Eagles at 6:30 pm on Sunday, Feb. 4.


“We expect more than 250 NetJets flights into and out of the region around the time of the big game, and that requires special accommodations,” said Eric Lampert, VP of Owner Experience Operations at NetJets. “More than 50 operations coordinators from NetJets — from IT, scheduling, flight operations, and ground transportation —will travel from our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio to Minneapolis to ensure everything is a seamless experience for Owners.”


The temporary NetJets FBO, leased from Signature Flight Support, features a private hospitality lounge equipped with a bar, catering, and televisions. In the sky, customers are offered a special inflight menu for Minneapolis departures, and on the ground, they receive special chauffeured auto rates, and an invitation to an exclusive Saturday night Super Celebration.


“Owners who may have experienced long delays in the past when trying to leave a Super Bowl host city can now go from game to ground transportation, to their flight with ease. NetJets makes it look easy,” said Pat Gallagher, EVP of Sales at NetJets. “Only the world leader in private aviation can create an airport within an airport offering uncompromising safety and service during one of the most popular events of the year.”

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