Former XOJET Sales Advisor Launches Concierge Jet Card

Privilegd LLC Concierge Services plans to combine concierge and travel agency services with private aviation into a single Jet Card.

By Doug Gollan, March 12, 2018

Privilegd LLC Concierge Services plans to combine concierge and travel agency services with private aviation into a single Jet Card


If you were thinking does the world really need another Jet Card seller, it doesn’t matter, you’re getting one. Former XOJET and Blue Star Jets sales executive Ben Parker is behind Privilegd LLC Concierge Services. Recently, Private Jet Card Comparisons caught up with the New York-based founder to find out what he’s doing and how his offering will be different from the more than 250 programs currently in the market. 


PJCC:  What’s the ETA for your launch?


Ben Parker: We are in a soft launch period. We expect a full-scale launch mid-May with our updated website.


PJCC: Are there any fees for joining?


Parker: As of now, we do not charge a membership fee. We’ve seen many concierge companies charge a monthly (or) yearly fee for their service. We see this as a nickel and dime strategy, and the reality is that we are able to offer anything those companies can and more.


PJCC: Who are the executives?


Parker: I’m president and co-founder. My partner, Jamie Gelman, is the CEO. He is based in Los Angeles. Together we own the company.


PJCC:  How are you positioning the company?


Parker:  Privilegd is an exclusive concierge company focusing on the ultra high-end market. Private jets, VIP access to sporting events and concerts, 5-star hotel and villa accommodations will be our most popular requests. We find our clients. Our clients don’t find us. We won’t run ads or Facebook posts. We are growing from referrals from our clients.”


PJCC:  Where do you expect your clients to come from?


Parker:  We’re focused on the U.S., but we regularly fulfill orders overseas, particularly Europe and the Middle East.


PJCC:  How will your Jet Card work?


Parker:  Privilegd Card will start at $100,000. From the single account, we use it to pay for everything from your private jet travel to hotels, tickets, everything.


PJCC:  Can you provide some examples of the type of VIP experiences you would put together and estimated pricing?

We put together a package for the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. We packaged a private jet, badges to the tournament, hotel, and transportation access for the event. The client pays one price one time and then leaves the rest to us. As another example, we put together a VIP experience for a Kendrick Lamar concert. We provided transportation to Staples Center, stage seating, and after party access with the performer at a popular Los Angeles nightclub. Same thing one call, one payment.

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