Air Partner says a $4.7 million accounting error has no impact on operations

The U.K.-based broker sells jet cards with service areas in North America, Europe and the Middle East


Air Partner, which has an attractive broker jet card program starting at just 10 hours with guaranteed availability and fixed one-way rates in North America, Europe and the Middle East said its operations and services are not impacted by an accounted error thought to total about $4.7 million. It also expects to be able to continue paying share dividends.

Jettly expands catering options for jet card and charter customers

The Canadian online broker recently launched its first jet card program and is now expanding inflight food options


Online private jet broker Jettly which recently launched its first jet card program has launched Jettly Eats. The new division is a portal for a network of catering and restaurant facilities that serve more than 1,800 airports around the world. 

JetSmarter launches a family private jet membership plan for up to six people

Following its new individual membership program, private jet membership seller JetSmarter is adding a family program


After quietly changing its membership model last month by limiting its $15,000 per year Smart program to renewals for existing customers and rolling out a new lower-priced offering for individuals, JetSmarter is now going after families. 

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