Following its new individual membership program, private jet membership seller JetSmarter is adding a family program


After quietly changing its membership model last month by limiting its $15,000 per year Smart program to renewals for existing customers and rolling out a new lower-priced offering for individuals, JetSmarter is now going after families. 


The new program for individuals charges a $3,000 initiation fee and $4,950 annual membership, however, members now pay for seats on all shuttle flights. Under the Smart program shuttle flights under three hours were free. The latest news announced via a text message is a Family Plan. In addition to the $3,000 initiation fee, the annual membership for families is $9,950. Under the terms, four users are allowed and a fifth and sixth user can be added for $1,950 per person annually.


Like the Individual membership, users pay for all shuttle flights. JetSmarter CEO Sergey Petrossov previously said seats will be sold at fares equivalent to first class on commercial airlines. The key benefit of both memberships isn’t flying on a full private jet, but being able to bypass the commercial terminal, using private jet terminals, saving 60 to 120 minutes per trip on the ground. JetSmarter also lists “unparalleled networking opportunities in the sky” which depending on if you are networking or being networked could be viewed as a positive or negative. Either way, the family membership seems like let’s call it a smart way to work around the need to buy multiple memberships for family members.


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