How are we doing? Review Private Jet Card Comparisons on YELP and Facebook

You can now review Private Jet Card Comparisons online in seconds.

By Doug Gollan, May 8, 2018

You can now review Private Jet Card Comparisons online in seconds


Since our official launch in April 2017, you’ve been visiting our website, signing up for our newsletters and subscribing to access our comparison spreadsheets which compare over 250 private jet card programs by more than 65 variables. Jet cards are the sweet spot of private aviation with the number of providers and programs more than doubling since the Great Recession. 


Business aviation is responsible for over one million jobs and over $200 billion of economic activity in the U.S. alone. While new jet deliveries have lagged in the past decade, jet cards have been growing with programs today spanning from 10 hours to over 100 hours. Jet cards provide users an experience similar to full or fractional ownership without the long-term commitment and at the same time provide one call access saving time compared to on-demand charter which entails comparing multiple quotes from several brokers.


Private Jet Charter


There are thousands of charter operators and an unending number of charter brokers. The best way to find a great broker is the recommendation from a friend, and at the end of the day, you will probably still get quotes from two or three brokers.


NetJets, Flexjet, PlaneSense and Fractional Ownership


Fractional ownership is a long-term commitment with multiple, complicated contracts and there are only a handful of players, with NetJets and Flexjet being the most prominent, and then niche providers such as PlaneSense, that focuses on turboprops, then Nicholas Air and Executive AirShare. My best advice is if you are determined on going the fractional ownership or leasing route, hire a consultant. Most are lawyers and some even worked at the fractional companies. They can be invaluable in helping you navigate what can be negotiated and where you will be up against the brick wall. They can also advise you on the tax benefits or leasing versus buying a share and help you figure residual values.


Why Only Jet Card Comparisons?


We’ve identified 65 variables that separate private jet card providers and programs. In terms of comparing jet cards, we provide the best and most comprehensive guide with more than 250 options starting at $25,000 and with programs from under 10 hours to over 100 hours. Our spreadsheet format makes it easy to compare. What’s more, we don’t sell or market your contact information to jet companies, so we protect your privacy, so we’ve decided to stick to a place we can truly add value for you.


Review Private Jet Card Comparisons on YELP and Facebook


Now there are two places you can tell the world, or at least the world of social media, what you think about Private Jet Card Comparisons. You can find us on both Facebook and YELP to post reviews. Of course, if you ever want to tell us something privately, we always love to get your emails.

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