Jet card charter broker ExpertJet launches its first mobile app

By Doug Gollan, July 19, 2018

The Florida-based boutique charter and jet card broker has launched its first smartphone app


Designed for its clients as a way to facilitate even more convenient service, the ExpertJet Mobile App compliments the company’s 24/7 services by providing comprehensive travel itineraries, driving directions, and weather updates. Clients can use the app to plan trips, and specify any special requests in just a few clicks. Your request goes to your ExpertJet charter advisor immediately so he or she can provide the best options tailored to your needs. 


Upon booking, your digital travel itinerary becomes available with aircraft information, flight times, and FBO details. As ExpertJet confirms your catering, ground transportation, and other requests, they will be displayed in real-time.


In announcing the app, ExpertJet said it “is not a replacement for any traditional contact you want to have with the charter team, but an additional tool to provide you and your guests with trip critical information. Together, you’ll always be informed, and aware of ExpertJet’s progress on your trip.”


What are some of the handy uses for the app? If you forget your aircraft’s tail number or don’t remember which FBO you can find it quickly on your app without having to look through emails or make a phone call. Also, you can save time looking for your crew since the captain, first officer and cabin attendants are all listed so you know who you will be meeting. You can also verify catering orders and check the weather at your origin and destination airports. As your journey begins, ExpertJet will send push notifications if you want with various updates.


How much does a jet card cost?


ExpertJet was founded by business jet pilot Andrew Flaxman after he was grounded with kidney stones and brings together his experience in flight operations and in the air. All brokers at ExpertJet are pilots, which Flaxman says is advantageous in screening operators and pilots for its jet card and on-demand charter flights. Jet card programs start at $75,000 and are refundable. You can read Private Jet Card Comparisons’ Jet Card Insider analysis of ExpertJet’s jet card programs here.

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