JetSmarter extends non-member discounts through July 31st

By Doug Gollan, July 27, 2018

The promotion was supposed to end yesterday but has been extended through the end of the month.


JetSmarter gave its members a few more days to get irked with the by-the-seat private jet travel club as it extended its promotion enabling non-members to book at member rates for the rest of the month. Last month JetSmarter announced for the first time non-members could buy seats on its scheduled private jet flights as well as start shared shuttles. 


Nerves among members have been raw recently as the company reduced the number of seats it makes available for free and began to charge for seats on empty legs. New members pay for all seats on scheduled shuttles, however at a lower rate than non-members. The company has changed terms of its memberships multiple times over its five-year history, and its current model is starkly different from the original Netflix approach where members paid one price then indulged in as many free seats as they could snatch. While the company has reportedly built revenues of more than $200 million, it says the recent changes are meant to fuel faster growth.

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