AirStream Jets sets jet card discounts through September 3, 2018

By Doug Gollan, August 20, 2018

AirStream’s innovative Distance Card uses miles instead of hours to calculate flight costs


AirStream Jets uses a mileage-based formula to calculate flight costs eschewing the traditional hours metric. Through September 3rd it is offering a $500 off its $25,000 Silver Distance Card and $4,000 off its $100,000 Gold Distance Card. To figure out how much your trip will cost, you refer to a simple chart (below) based on the mileage of your flight and then the size of jet you want. For example, a trip of 1,000 miles on a light jet holding up to six passengers costs $12 per mile so your flight would cost $12,000. You pay the 7.5% FET additionally to the card amount when you buy the card so the flight prices exclude the tax.

AirStream Jets

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