August flying grew 2.1% across Parts 91, 135 and fractional activity, according to TRAQPak


TRAQPak’s review of year over year flight activity (August 2018 vs. August 2017) indicates that August 2018 recorded an increase of 2.1%. The results by operational category were mixed with Part 91 activity providing the largest yearly increase, up 3.8% year over year. Part 135 activity followed with a gain of 0.4%, while Fractional activity recorded 4 fewer flights than 2017 to finish flat for the period. The aircraft categories were mostly positive with mid-size jets posting the largest gain from 2017, up 4.2%. Large jets posted an increase of 1.9%, while light jets posted a 1.6% year over year decrease. Turboprops increased 3.1%. 


Jet card activity increased 14.5% in August

August business aviation flight activity posted an expected month over month increase to finish up 7.1% from July 2018. Results by operational category were all positive for the month, with the Part 91 segment posting the largest monthly increase, up 8.8%. Part 135 flight activity posted an increase of 5.9% and Fractional flight activity increased 3.7% for the month. Aircraft categories were all positive as well, with mid-size jets posting the largest increase, up 8.2%. Light jets followed with an increase of 7.1% while large jets and turboprops each increased 6.4% from July.

Part 135 private flying increased 5.9% in August 2018

Looking ahead, TRAQPak analysts estimate there will be a 1.0% increase in overall flight activity year over year in September 2018.

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