Air Partner provides relief and disaster recovery for Typhoon Mangkhut

By Doug Gollan, September 25, 2018

While it’s better known for on-demand charter and jet cards, Air Partner has broad qualifications across the aviation spectrum


With natural disaster season at its peak, Air Partner is often called on to support relief efforts, both proactively and after a moment of impact. On September 9, Air Partner was contacted by a government agency to rush supplies to Guam, a U.S. territory and Pacific island located on the outskirts of Southeast Asia, in preparation for Super Typhoon Mangkhut. 


Super Typhoon Mangkhut set its path right down Hong Kong and Southeast Asia this past weekend, with winds of at least 157 mph. As extreme weather conditions continued, Air Partner remained on high alert to ensure it can offer support in these crucial environmental conditions.


The company’s cargo division provided its AN-225 and AN-124 aircraft to help the government move urgent relief supplies, such as delivering water and meals ready to eat (MRE). The Air Partner team worked around the clock to mobilize and deliver the time-critical project successfully.


“Through the support and quality of service that Air Partner provides, we were able to successfully complete these projects within 24 hrs after the storm passed,” said Wiley Knight, director of Humanitarian Aid for Radiant Global Logistics. “Our partnership and the absolutely essential understanding of rapid response is exactly what we needed to fulfill our missions.”


“Air Partner is committed to providing relief in times of crisis,” said Jack Burt, vice president of Air Partner’s cargo division. “In critical moments like this, Air Partner is able to help communities prepare for potential disaster and destruction. The Emergency Planning Division and cargo divisions are always ready to help execute any level of support and recovery.”

Air Partner Jet Card Pricing


Air Partner has more than 55 years of experience in natural disaster preparedness and recovery. The company has successfully evacuated thousands of people to safety in critical moments and has helped companies plan ahead and prepare for extreme weather and environmental conditions. On the back-end of catastrophic damage, Air Partner delivers relief in the form of supplies and materials to areas impacted globally. Recently it helped a jet card member evacuate his daughter and her boyfriend after an earthquake in Indonesia. Air Partner’s light jet cards start at 10 hours priced at $47,000 including Federal Excise Tax. To find out more about Air Partner’s jet card program, please read our Jet Card Insider report here.

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