Private Jet Services (PJS) Group offers Black Friday deals

By Doug Gollan, November 19, 2018

Private Jet Services Group is offering three different deals, two tied to Black Friday with the other running through the end of the year. Black Friday Deal 1 offers a crisp $10,000 off your purchase of a 25-hour jet card. Black Friday Deal 2 offers with the purchase of a 25-hour jet card, a $4,000 American Express gift card and a $1,000 donation to the charity of your choice. Both of these promotions end on Sunday, November 25. The holiday promotion is open to those who have never flown with PJS Group and enables new customers to buy into the program at just 10 hours as opposed to the standard 25 hours. The deals are limited to one offer per person. To read more about the PJS programs read our Jet Card Insider here.

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