ProspAir is offering a choice of perks if you buy a 25-hour jet card

By Doug Gollan, November 20, 2018

Through November 30, 2018, ProspAir Air Charter is offering a handful of incentives to buy one of its jet cards


ProspAir, through parent Dumont Jets, is celebrating Thanksgiving by with a Black Friday Special. With the purchase of a 25-hour jet card, you can select two of the following concessions, including no fuel surcharge, no peak travel surcharge, no international travel surcharge, no taxi time or no interchange fee.


Eligible aircraft include the eight-seat Learjet 45 with pricing starting at $4,995.00 per hour, and the 10-set Dassault Falcon 2000, all with complimentary wifi, a cabin attendant and seating capacity of 10. The Dumont Group purchased 27 Falcon 2000s from NetJets with 10 currently in the fleet. After an inspection and updated avionics, paint, interior this favorite private jet is available at $6,985 per hour. For those of you that need more capacity, Dumont’s Gulfstream G-IVSPs which seat 14 to 16 passengers and includes wifi can be had for $8,000 per hour. You can read our recent report on Dumont here.

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