2018 Top States By Private Jet Flights

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California, Texas and Florida had the most private jet departures in 2018

While 2018 business aircraft flight activity increased just 0.9% after 4.8% and 8.1% growth in 2017 and 2016, New Mexico recorded the largest year over year growth, up 16.4%. New Hampshire, one of 21 states to report a year over year decline, posted the largest yearly decline, down 4.3%, according to ARGUS TRAQPak. California was the state with the most departures while Vermont had the least.

California had 280,850 business aviation departures in 2018

European business aviation flights fall 0.8% in January

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Private jet flights fell at six of Europe’s seven busiest airports

There were 54,481 business aviation departures in Europe last month, down by 0.8% year-over-year (YOY), with a 2.1% drop in business jet sectors. Trends for the last 12-months in business aviation are up by 1.4%, and 10% above 2016 trough but still 11% behind January 2008 peak, according to WINGX, an aviation research firm.

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