The busiest days and states for private jet flights in 2019

By Doug Gollan, August 25, 2019

What are the busiest days of the week and year for private flights?

Traqpak’s most recent analysis of private jet flights for the first half of 2019 reveals both the busiest days of the week and busiest days so far this year.

Despite overall private flight activity growth of just 0.3%, for the first time ever one day averaged at least 10,000 flights per day.

Thursdays were the busiest day of the week average 10,124 flights. Second busiest were Fridays with 9,505 flights followed by Wednesdays at 9,353 flights on average. Tuesdays averaged 8,744 private flights while Mondays saw an average of 8,593 flights per day, perhaps indicating many private fliers tart the week in the office.

Saturdays had the fewest flights – and an average of just 5,986 – over 40% less than Thursdays while Sundays averaged 7,108 flights, perhaps showing an opportunity for innovations that might increase weekend flights.

private jet flights by state 2019
Florida, California, and Texas had the most private aviation departures during the first half of 2019, according to Traqpak.

In terms of busiest days of the year, seven of the top 10 were Thursday and the other three were Fridays. Traqpak tracked a record 32 days with at least 10,000 flights. The busiest was May 23 with 11,125 flights followed by April 18 (11,084 flights), May 24 (10,706), and June 27 (10,693).

Dates with the fewest private jet flights

Only two dates in 2019 had under 5,000 private flights:  May 26 with 4,710 and Jan. 12 at 4,954. Six of the bottom 10 days occurred on a holiday or on a day immediately surrounding a holiday. The other four slow dates were Saturdays, reports Traqpak.

Georgia and New Jersey traded the fourth and fifth spots in bizav departures with the southern state moving up during the first half of 2019


Florida best California with the most private jet flight in the first six months of 2019 – 154,313 compared to California – 144,526.  Texas was a close third at 139,036. The three states finished in the same order during 2018.

However, pushing New Jersey out of the fourth spot as Georgia, although it was a big drop off at 51,127 private flight departures. New Jersey was fifth in terms of business aviation activity with 50,242 flights, although combined with neighboring New York at 39,664 flights meant the two Northeastern states were the source of 89,706 departures aboard private aircraft.

Vermont had the least business aviation activity with 1,962 departures followed by Rhode Island at 2,385 flights and Delaware at 2,707 flights, the only three states under 3,000 departures in the first half of 2019.

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