Minnesota, North Carolina highlight business aviation's economic impact

By Doug Gollan, December 27, 2019

Business aviation contributes over $10 billion to the economies of North Carolina and Minnesota

Minnesota and North Carolina politicians recently highlighted how private jets and other business aircraft drive their economies.

Advocacy group No Plane, No Gain reports for Minnesota $5.3 billion in economic impact generated by 135 public-use airports and 83 heliports, plus FBOs, flight schools, aircraft manufacturing, and flight instructors.

Mayors from Fairmont, Hutchinson, and Mankato each issued proclamations.

Fairmont Mayor Deborah J. Foster wrote, “Minnesota is home to 109 fixed-based operators, 50 repair stations, 12 FAA-approved pilot schools, 2,805 student pilots and 2,714 flight instructors.

She noted Fairmont Municipal is the base for 28 aircraft, including 14 private jets. A single private jet can bring around $2.5 million in benefits.

The airport, she noted, sells about 65,000 gallons of fuel annually.

Mayor Najwa Hassad of Mankato said Mankato Region Airport delivers over $18 million and 220 jobs to the local economy.

Business aviation in North Carolina

North Carolina has 72 public-use airports. The total economic output of general aviation in the state is $4.9 billion.

Burlington Mayor Ian Baltutis noted the state has 81 FBOs and 74 repair stations.

Overall, private aviation nationwide contributes over $200 million to the economy, according to the National Business Aviation Association and General Aviation Manufacturers Association.


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