Priester Aviation adds 10-hour jet card option

By Doug Gollan, April 3, 2020

The private jet charter operator is offering a new, lower starting option as a response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic

Starting for price for its Centerline jet card is dropping from $148,275 to around $55,000

Private jet operator Priester Aviation is reducing the buy-in for its Centerline jet card to 10 hours from 25 hours. The move means starting price is now around $55,000, down from close to $150,000.

Priester is the latest private aviation membership provider to create a new option in response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis.

The pandemic has created a need for short-notice evacuation and relocation flights.

Priester offers both guaranteed availability and fixed one-way rates. Key benefits include avoiding surge pricing while being able to access flights on short notice.

Priester Aviation regional jet card markets

Priester provides a national service area for flying. However, the program is only available in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver/Mountains, Los Angeles, New York, and South Florida.

The lead time for reservations is 14 hours on non-peak. While it goes to 168 hours on 24 peak days, there are none in April, May or June.

Priester, which is an IS-BAO Stage 3 operator is also reducing its FET inclusive rates by 7.5%. The move comes after the tax holiday implemented through the end of the year by the CARES Act.

With the reduction of FET, the light jet hourly rate is now approximately $5,490, creating buy-in at around $55,000 compared to $148,735 previously.

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