Alliance Aviation updates jet card pricing

By Doug Gollan, April 6, 2020

Existing customers will be able to fly on the existing contracted rates and save the Federal Excise tax

Hourly rates for new customers are increasing by up to $500 per hour based on private jet size

Upstart private jet charter broker and management company Alliance Aviation has updated its jet card pricing.

Large cabin pricing is unchanged while super-midsize aircraft increase by $100 per hour to $7,985. Midsize and light jet hourly rates increase by $500 to $6,750 and $5,495 per hour, respectively.

Alliance was founded last year by former Dumont Aviation executive Christopher Tasca who developed the jet card program for the Delaware-based operator.

The program provides a lead time of just eight hours for booking on non-peak days and offers a service area including Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, plus Alaska and Hawaii.

Jet cards start at 25 hours, and unused deposits can be refunded.

Tasca says for existing jet cardmembers, hourly rates remain unchanged, plus they get the benefit of not paying the 7.5% Federal Excise Tax through year’s end.

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