VistaJet notes global private jet travel despite the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic

By Doug Gollan, May 6, 2020

Despite the drop in private jet travel, VistaJet says it is providing flights to those who need its services

Last month VistaJet, a unit of Vista Global Holdings, announced it would offer short-term month-to-month leases as a response to COVID-Coronavirus pandemic.

At the same time, it said it would support first responders with free seats on repositioning flights, typically referred to as empty legs.

A month later, VistaJet reports it has been busy helping travelers from around the world get where they need to in light of the vastly reduced airline schedules.

  • VistaJet and German airline Lufthansa worked together to bring home a group of students from Canada to Lebanon
  • VistaJet organized the transportation of critical spare parts for the oil industry from Guangzhou to Kazakhstan
  • A charter flight from a broker, who had an ill child onboard, was refused permits and the owners canceled the flight. A VistaJet Member extended seats on their flight and offered them to the child
  • VistaJet arranged a flight for a baby from Morocco who needed to travel to London for life-saving surgery
  • Sydney–Cambodia for a family going home with a newborn baby; 
  • Vancouver–Hong Kong for a family with young children 
  • Australia–Calgary for a family repatriating back home after a year working in Australia
  • US families flying to the Caribbean and Hawaii where they feel safer during this time
  • Seychelles–Düsseldorf for a family struggling to repatriate home

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