Private Jet emergency planning for the hurricane season more crucial in COVID-19 world

By Doug Gollan, May 7, 2020

Private jet charter and jet card broker Air Partner is launching a customizable Hurricane Evacuation Program

From the frying pan, and into the fire. Despite the continuing COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, residents along the coasts have to start worrying about hurricane season.

With the dramatic decrease in airline schedules, getting out of the way in case a hurricane is headed your way is set to become even more difficult.

Private Jets offer emergency evacuation

Looking ahead, Air Partner is urging companies and individuals to prepare now for the Atlantic Hurricane Season, which officially starts June. Projections call for 16 storms.

“COVID-19 has caused all of us to closely examine how we protect our families and employees in times of crisis, and now is the time to create a contingency plan, or update an existing one, to ensure maximum preparedness,” said David McCown, president of Air Partner U.S.

He continued, “Our Hurricane Planning Team is on-hand 24/7 and are experts in planning for every imaginable emergency scenario, and we are ready to help.”

According to the Global Weather Oscillations (GWO), this hurricane season may see up to 16 named storms. Four are predicted to become major hurricanes.

Air Partner offers hurricane planning advice

Air Partner is encouraging you to ensure preparedness and save time when the actual emergency is bound to happen:

· An evacuation decision should be considered 72 hours or more prior to the storm’s arrival. There is a limited window of opportunity after this time frame. Once winds reach an excess of 30 mph, evacuation may no longer be feasible due to aircraft landing limitations.

· Due to COVID-19, many are experiencing the challenges of scarce flight options. During a natural disaster, private jet availability can become even more limited due to high demand. As storms get closer and conditions worsen, charter pricing increases quickly as aircraft private jets and airports become more limited.

· Prepare all necessary documentation, including passports and visas, to ensure employees can safely enter a foreign country. Standard immigration rules apply, even during a crisis; companies should take proactive measures to ensure that all documentation is in place before hurricane season begins.

So far this year, Air Partner has flown more than 10,000 people worldwide for evacuations and repatriations due to COVID-19.

During Hurricane Dorian, the company facilitated numerous charter requests for urgent evacuations from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and the Caribbean.

Air Partner’s freight team also delivered humanitarian aid, including food, water, and hygiene kits, to Marsh Harbour and Freeport.

Air Partner Protect

As part of its customizable Hurricane Evacuation Program, Air Partner offers pre-planning and rapid response evacuation services to companies, governments, and individuals. The service offers 24/7 global air evacuation planning and implementation services for any situation a client deems an emergency.

Evacuations are carried out based on the pre-planning component, with preferred aircraft access and transfers to pre-selected destinations. All plans can be executed immediately by a dedicated response team that takes care of ground support, logistics, and planning.

Additionally, Air Partner Protect is able to offer additional safeguarding to clients flying during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guaranteed availability jet cards with fixed rates enable users to arrange private flights on short notice and avoid surge pricing.

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