The charter broker offers a jet card using wholesale pricing plus a fixed management fee

Private jet charter broker and jet card membership provider Paramount Business Jets (PBJ) said it has partnered with rental firm Exceptional Villas.

Exceptional Villas offers vacation rentals focused on the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia, including the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, and Richard Branson’s Neckar Island

“Exceptional Villas offers premium vacation rental options that are the epitome of luxury and service, and Paramount Business Jets is pleased to extend an equally exceptional level of attention to the travel needs of their highly selective and influential clientele,” said Paramount Business Jets founder and CEO Richard Zaher.

He added, “Additionally, existing Paramount clients now have access to a wide range of exclusive vacation destinations at extremely competitive prices.”

Paramount brings to the partnership 15 years of experience and access to over 15,000 private jets of all sizes and for any mission. Exceptional Villas clients may opt to charter flights on a per-trip basis or take advantage of Paramount’s private jet card membership program to further simplify and streamline their jet charter travel experience.

Villas and Private Jets in a COVID World

In addition to offering an all-inclusive travel experience, Zaher noted the health and safety advantages in coordinating private jet charter travel to and from Exceptional Villas’ vacation destinations as the world continues to grapple with the effects from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Private aviation always offers a safer, cleaner and more sanitary environment than other travel options,” he said. “With global travel restrictions constantly changing, selecting the experienced team at Paramount Business Jets to coordinate your private jet charter experience is simply the best and most prudent option to ensure that all safety and health concerns have been properly addressed at every point along your journey.

“Simply stated, PBJ will not arrange a flight unless we can do it with the utmost levels of safety,” Zaher concluded. “In the COVID-19 environment that includes ensuring the health and wellbeing for everyone onboard to facilitate not only a luxurious travel experience, but a safe one as well.”

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