'Why did I wait so long," say new private jet users

By Doug Gollan, September 22, 2020

While COVID-19 and lacking airline schedules led many new private jet users to pull the trigger, many say they plan to continue after the pandemic recedes.

Over half of new and returning users to private aviation indicated they expect to continue their private jet travels after the current COVID-19 pandemic ends. That’s according to a preview from a just-completed survey of Private Jet Card Comparisons subscribers.


When asked, “Please share any comments or stories about how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed your views on private aviation” 53% indicated they plan to continue using private aviation.

New Private Jet users speak

Among the comments:

  • It is easier to justify for private use as airlines have cut schedules and canceled flights.
  • It was always more a curiosity than a reality until COVID-19, but now it is the only way we travel.
  • I never used private aviation before COVID….Now I will not fly commercial.
  • Being a cancer patient with a compromised immune system, it has become almost a necessity for me.
  • Using private aviation is no longer considered frivolous spending due to the need for COVID safety as well as the ongoing need to maintain family cohesiveness.
  • Commercial flying is now significantly more inconvenient than it was previously. This is a deterrent to flying commercial
  • Major airlines have greatly cut flight options and now offer very awkward connecting flights to minor airports. Private offers greater efficiency plus a healthier option.
  • I believe it is safer than commercial.
  • While COVID-19 is definitely a part of my increased interest in private aviation, my concerns about civil unrest, wanton violence, and personal safety are a bigger part.
  • It’s a priority because it’s the only way we can see elderly relatives and we can’t wait to see them because they don’t have the luxury of time.
  • I am using private aviation for visiting family around the country without infecting them.
  • Private aviation opened that world to us.
  • I would likely never have pursued private aviation if the pandemic hadn’t happened. At the same time, I’m glad to have spent time learning about private aviation over the past few months since I will likely continue using it for select flights even after the pandemic has ended and/or a vaccine becomes available.
  • Flying private for my personal and business trips is necessary during COVID19. However, I don’t see going back to the airlines.
  • COVID has allowed me to justify using private flights. The convenience and efficiency have caused me to consider purchasing a jet for regular use.
  • It’s the main reason I got a jet card at this time; always wanted one but COVID-19 was the driving factor to get it now.
  • It is extremely expensive, but if you have the money why wouldn’t you use it in this environment with COVID-19?
  • I have no idea why I waited so long. I never knew what I was missing. Flying out of and into more convenient airports and not having to arrive hours in advance is a game-changer. We will likely use private travel for our trips to Europe in the future.

Of course, some say they plan to return to the airlines as soon as it’s possible. “It really has not changed my opinion as I am okay flying first-class commercially,” one said.

The survey was conducted online from Sept. 18-22, 2020, via Survey Monkey to subscribers of Private Jet Card Comparisons, a buyer’s guide that enables users to compare over 250 private aviation membership options so they can find the programs that best fit their needs quickly, saving weeks and hours of research.


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