Alliance Aviation Cyber Sale doubles CARES Act savings

By Doug Gollan, November 23, 2020

Alliance Aviation is adding an extra 7.5% discount to the FET CARES Act savings for jet cards from Black Friday through Cyber Monday

Alliance Aviation is doubling down on the CARES Act for a short-term jet card sales promotion.

In addition to the 7.5% CARES Act Federal Excise Tax savings Alliance is adding an additional 7.5% discount during a sale that will last from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving.

Its jet card options include light, midsize, super-midsize, two categories of large-cabin jets, a 10-seat guarantee, and a second with 14 seats.

Light jets are priced at $5,495 per hour. Non-peak day call-out is eight hours, and the program, which starts at 25 hours, is refundable.

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