Part 135 jet card and on-demand charter flights reached 96% of pre-COVID levels in December as the overall market rebounded to 86% of 2019 totals

The latest report from Argus TRAQPak showed Part 135 flying – on-demand charters and jet cards – surged in December, just 3.8% off 2019 flight hours.

Overall, private jet flying was off 14% with fractional operators (Part 91K) down 12% and Part 91 off 23%.

Source: Argus TRAQPak

Light jets were closest to pre-COVID levels, down 9.8% while large cabin flights were off 25.4%, reflecting the lack of fo international flying.

Part 135 turboprops were the only category in the black, although light jet flights were down just 2.8% and midsize jet flight down 3.4%.

TRAQPAK estimates an 11.2% dip in January.

The Southeastern U.S. led in departures during December with 58,251. California, Arizona and Nevada was third with 28,872 departures, just ahead of the Southwest, which recorded 27,460 private flights.

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