Magellan Jets reports a 200% increase in jet card sales

By Doug Gollan, January 29, 2021

Boston-based jet card broker Magellan Jets says as jet card sales soared, the number of hours increased by 20%, although flight hours dropped 20%

Lot’s of buying. Less flying. Like other jet card sellers, Magellan Jets reports its 2020 had ups and downs. Behind a 200% spike in jet card sales and a 20% increase in jet card hours, flight hours were down 20%.

“Owners, members, and customers investing in our product are bullish with their outlook on business and personal travel in 2021,” says Magellan Jets CEO Joshua Hebert.

He adds, “They’re investing in their future travel now so, as things improve in 2021, they have a safe, guaranteed solution in place for their families and organizations, ready to be utilized at a moment’s notice.”

A recent subscriber survey by Private Jet Card Comparisons found 96% of new flyers will continue to use private aviation after COVID-19, including 41% who will fly privately regularly.

Magellan notes behind its stellar top-line numbers were a host of initiatives, including a mobile app and web portal for clients and a pay-as-you-go membership program. It also implemented its PureSky Safety Standard, continuously with a firm commitment from the supply chain and partners to serve, protect and act in the best interests of its clients, colleagues, and families.

“Through our unwavering commitment to safeguarding the well-being of all guests and crew, we’ve established multilayered protocols that ensure the highest levels of safety with every experience,” says Chief Operating Officer Todd Weeber,

Magellan Jets also launched collaborations with IYC, Four Seasons Hawaii, AMAN Properties, and St. Barth Properties, an area it plans to expand.

The company said it had a 95% retention rate of jet card clients. In addition to the pay-as-you-go options, Magellan offers semi-specific jet card options, including the Gulfstream 200, Challenger 300, Citation Excel XLS, Gulfstream 450, and others.

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